The Michigan Association of Chamber Professionals association awards scholarships annually to MACP members in good standing for its conferences and events, as well as tuition assistance for the Institute for Organization Management. MACP Scholarships are considered on the following criteria:

  • Length of service to the chamber profession
  • MACP membership history
  • Leadership and participation in professional development programs (e.g., MACP conferences, US Chamber events, ACCE events, etc.)

Scholarships are awarded for registration fees or tuition only to the specified events and require proof of registration. Institute scholarships are open to any Institute location.

Accommodations, meals and transportation are the responsibility of the attendee for all events.

Attach a list of your participation in professional development programs over the past year with your application.


Application Deadlines:
  • Winter Institute Deadline: November 15 (Advance Registration Required)
  • Summer Institute Deadline: March 20 (Advance Registration Required)
Scholarships are awarded under the following policy:
  • Individuals must apply for scholarships annually.
  • The same scholarship will not be given to the same individual two years in a row except in extraordinary circumstances as deemed by the MACP Board of Directors.

– IOM awards are limited to a maximum of $1500 per individual over their career.
– MACP event scholarships are limited to one per chamber every four years. 
– Volunteer scholarships are limited to one per volunteer every two years.

  • Awards are recommended by an award committee appointed by the MACP Chairperson to the MACP Board of Directors for approval.
  • Scholarships will be notified by email and are paid at the time of event registration with proof of registration.
  • In the event an attendee can no longer attend an event and must cancel registration, the chamber must reimburse MACP for the full scholarship amount.
MACP Scholarship Application