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Executive Director Job Posting

Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce

Are you the type of person that is ambitious, successful, goal driven and enthusiastic? Do you have a desire to take our organization to the next level?

The Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce (GACC) is seeking an Executive Director to continue the growth and the success of the organization that we have experienced over the past few years. We are looking for a director that will follow our mission statement, and support the local businesses here in Gaylord, MI.

Interested candidates should send a confidential cover letter, resume and contact information with previous work history to gaccchairperson@gmail. com or by mail to:

Kenneth Mattei, Chairman
Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce
319 West Main Street
PO Box 513
Gaylord, MI 49734

The Chamber is an equal opportunity employer. Resumes should be submitted by October 31, 2019 for consideration.

The Executive Director Position

The Executive Director of the Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce provides leadership and support to the Board of Directors and staff, along with overseeing a membership of over 500 businesses and organizations. It’s a position that requires flexibility, diplomacy, and being openminded to the everyday needs of our membership. Candidates should have experience working with a board of directors. Excellent public speaking, interpersonal, negotiation, communication and management skills required. A strong business management background is essential, with an emphasis on marketing, sales and event coordination.

Successful candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field or equivalent work/life experience. Upon hiring, the Executive Director must reside in, or intend to reside in the Gaylord area. Salary is negotiable and is commensurate with experience.

The Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce is experiencing exciting times with a combination of growth and new businesses that are moving into the Gaylord community at a rapid pace. Our next Executive Director will be dynamic, forward thinking, and on the cutting edge. Our director should be able to initiate new programs and benefits for our membership, as well as build on existing successful programs.

Job Overview


1. Managing overall GACC Operations within the office building and the business affairs of the Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce.

2. Managing and developing GACC staff, including goal setting, professional development, hiring and terminating, promoting, or disciplining employees.

Board Relations

1. Participate in long range planning for the organization with the Board of Directors.

2. Provide Board with adequate information and make sound recommendations.

3. Follow the strategic plan as developed by the Board and the Executive Director.

4. Provide Board packets with all committee correspondence and agenda for monthly meetings.

Community Relations

1. Representing the GACC at all appropriate civic, cultural, charitable, business and community activities. Serve on boards, commissions, committees, and organizations related to areas that are critical to GACC goals and interests.

2. Providing leadership and support of the organization’s regional business development efforts by maintaining strategic and diverse partnerships and alliances with local, regional and state elected officials and partners on public policy matters and ballot issues that impact the business community.

3. Develop a collaborative relationship with local media to speak directly to and with the GACC membership utilizing radio, print media, and web-based media to disseminate and promote activities of the GACC.


1. Drafting and implementing the GACC operating budget that is approved by the Board of Directors.

2. Ensuring that the GACC is following cash handling, audit scheduling, financial policies, and is compliant with all governmental regulations and accounting standards.


1. Being accountable and accessible to the membership of the organization to ensure member satisfaction wherever possible.

2. Attainment of new members, retention of current members, hosting profitable events, overseeing the securing of sponsorships, and securing corporate donations.

3. Initiating, overseeing, and evaluating all aspects of the GACC activities and events including but not limited to obtaining sponsorships, speakers, content, agenda, awards, special features, marketing and member engagement and satisfaction

Job Type: Full-time

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