Community Development Block Grant

CDBG program funds are used to provide grants and loans to UGLGs, usually with populations under 50,000, in support of economic or community development projects. Project proposals are considered and evaluated continuously based upon the MSF’s approved CDBG Funding Guide (coming soon).

CDBG Funding is categorized by the following Program Initiatives:

  • Building Rehabilitation
  • CDBG Loan Program
  • Direct Assistance to Business
  • Façade Improvements
  • Planning
  • Public Facilities
  • Public Improvements
  • Rental Rehabilitation
  • Small Business
  • Unique/Innovative

These Program Initiatives have been determined to best serve the needs of the Non-Entitlement Area of the State of Michigan through the State’s Consolidated and Action Planning Process. These plans can be viewed at the Michigan Consolidated Plan . As a part of the planning process, the MEDC has provided Citizens with reasonable opportunities to participate in the program’s design as defined in the State’s Citizen Participation Plan  and the MEDC’s Public Participation Model.

CDBG Grant Awards Approved by MSF for PY 2018 (7/1/18 – 6/30/19) as of 11/28/18 may be found here.
Media releases regarding CDBG Awards are posted on the MEDC Press Release  webpage.

Michigan Consolidated Plan

According to HUD, the Consolidated Plan creates the opportunity for strategic planning and citizen participation to take place in a comprehensive context; it allows local governments, community organizations and citizens to address the larger picture in which these programs operate, offering the State a better chance to shape the various programs into effective coordinated strategies.

2019 Annual Action Plan, Public Hearing Notice.  The Public Comment Period for the Draft 2019 Michigan Consolidated Annual Action Plan with written comments to be received no later than 5/8/19.

2019 Annual Action Plan, Draft for Public Comment.  As part of the citizen participation process, there is a public comment period ending 5/11/19.

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