Membership Application



The Michigan Association of Chamber Professionals is the industry resource for chambers of commerce in Michigan. Throughout strategic partnerships and volunteer assistance, the mission of MACP to build excellence in Michigan chambers of commerce through:

•    Organization support for chambers of commerce
•    Continuing education and professional development for chamber executives and staff
•    Promotion of chambers of commerce as an industry and a profession
•    Best practices and innovation models

Dues Schedule:   
  Associate Chamber (Part-time or Volunteer Staff) $125
  Small Chamber (Less than $200,000 Chamber budget) $195
  Mid-Size Chamber ($200,000 - $750,000 Chamber Budget)    $350
  Large Chamber (Greater than $750,000 Chamber Budget) $450
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MACP dues cover all staff and volunteers of your organization for each calendar year, January through December. MACP is an independent association governed by a board of directors made up of chamber professionals from around the state. MACP is not a program of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. For a full list of membership benefits, click here.